Things I’m GOING to Do


I had to change the title of this article from “Things I’d Like to Do If I Had Time” to “Things I’m GOING to do.” Why the change? Because the “if” was total BS. All of these things have been on my “want to do list” for a while and I had to ask myself, […]

My Bulletin Article: Irene Faulkner

Irene Faulkner

I had the honor of interviewing Gerard Faulkner, the son of Irene Faulkner, a multi-talented artist who probably didn’t get the recognition she deserved before she died. After learning more about her gifts and talents, I was even more honored to have been assigned this piece for the Chicago Independent Bulletin community newspaper.   Related […]

Blue Magnet Interactive’s Recap of Get Heard Above the Noise on Social Media

Blue Magnet Interactive

Read Blue Magnet Interactive’s recap of our Social Media Week presentation, Get Heard Above the Noise on Social Media. It was great to see my team’s name in writing. Thanks for sharing Team Blue Magnet Interactive. Related Posts:Twitter Pics from Get Heard Above the Noise on Social MediaBREAKING NEWS: Venue Change for Get Heard Above […]

Starting January 2015: Black History Book Club

Book Club

I am starting a Black History Book Club in January 2015. We will read one book every quarter We will meet via conference call every other week (or other agreed upon time) to discuss the book Members can select the books we’ll read Members can facilitate the discussions We will determine a group name after […]

Just Sharing: Reviews of My Books

Bio Book Review from Smashwords

I’m so excited! I got the first review of my book, How to Write Powerful Professional Bios, after at least 50 books sold on Smashwords. Since I’m sharing, here are the Amazon reviews for 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block. Sharing is caring: Have you purchased either of my books? Can you be a […]

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