Me? On TV?

Me on TV

Several people have told me that they can see me on TV. Uh, thanks. While being on TV is not one of my main dreams in life, there are three opportunities I would LOVE to have. 1. It would be great to be a guest on Oprah’s TV show. 2. I would love, love, love […]

Confused About My Site Topics?


Wait! Don’t click away! Well,  not yet anyway. What’s the Confusion??? My site topics are all over the place because I am (un)successfully attempting BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for January. The purpose of NaBloPoMo is to post every day during the month. Today is the 14th and I’ve probably missed four days so far…sigh…I am confident that […]

Sprint is On Some Bull****!


Let me start by saying that I have been with Sprint for over 10 years and, overall, I’m cool with the service minus the dropped calls. But I must tell you why they’re on some bull**** My phone was stolen in Vegas while I was attending #NMX, right? So, I called Sprint to find out […]

My Theme for 2014: Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

I’ve always been big on dreams, as I’ve been really working on my mine for the past five years. For some reason, though, the theme of “dreams” is heavier on my heart this year. I think this is happening for three reasons. First, I think mine are going to manifest in unexpected and amazing ways […]

My 2014 New Media Expo Presentation Went Well

Plus Symbol

I am pleased to share that my presentation at 2014 New Media Expo, 5 Ways to Create Engaging, Shareable Blog Posts Without Writing…A Lot, went well. It was pretty cool speaking tech talk to people who actually understood the language. Here is my feedback on my performance. POSITIVES Over 40 people attended my session. It […]

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