Buy “62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block”

Amazon Review - Karolus

Do You Have Blogger’s Block? Do you have moments where you are ready to write your next blog post and draw a complete blank? Would you like to spice up your current posts with audio, video and images ? Need help on creating posts beyond the typical list, how-to and link posts? If you responded […]

Things Your Author Website Should Have

Book Baby

As a new author, I visit other author sites to check out how they present themselves and their works online. The creativity is amazing. I take note of features that really stand out, as well as elements that are standard on most sites. Check out my article, 11 Must-Haves for Author Websites, that was published […]

Get The Everville Series by Roy Huff For 0 to 99¢ Through September 3rd

Everville - The City of Worms by Roy Huff

My Twitter pal, Roy Huff, has launched his second eBook in his Everville Series and is celebrating with free and discount offers to his readers through September 3, 2013. His first eBook, Everville: The First Pillar is available for free. Yes, you read correctly…FREE. Just click on the image below to go to Amazon where […]

Reflections of Me: The Writing Life of Marcie Hill

The Writing Life of Marcie Hill

During my blogging break, I had time to reflect on my writing life. I often say that I am a writer, blogger and author. While these lines are quickly blurring in this digital era, I distinguish between the three for my purposes. I wanted to clarify this, not only for myself, but for others. Although […]

New Services: Bios, Blogs, Books and PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation: Freelance Ain’t Free

During my blogging break, I clearly defined how I can serve the audience of Marcie Writes. This was determined by conversations with independent professionals. I will help professionals and business owners shine through their bios, blogs, books and PowerPoint presentations. The last service was an afterthought, but it’s sorely needed. Professional Biographies (Bios) My personal […]

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