Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Have Blogs

Blogging for Business

Not too long ago businesses of all sizes were encouraged to establish an Internet presence with websites.  If a business could not be found online, it really wasn’t a business.  Today, the same thing is being said about blogs.  In fact, some people are advocating blogs over traditional websites while others are including blogs on […]

You’re Invited to MJM Speakers’ Circle Toastmasters Club’s Christmas Gala

MJM SPeakers Circle Open House - December 15, 2012

Please join me and my Toastmasters Club, MJM Speakers’ Circle, at our Annual Christmas Gala and Open House on Saturday, December 15, 2012. The event will begin at 9:15 a.m. at Thurgood Marshall Library on 7506 S. Racine. You will get a chance to hear new and seasoned speakers; to see how a meeting is […]

7 Reasons Why Chambers of Commerce Should Have Blogs

Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce, also known as business associations, are groups of business people that gather to “protect and promote business interests.”  Sometimes these groups are the primary resource centers of communities while others are citywide or international organizations.  Regardless of their size or location, all chambers need to promote their organizations and communicate with their […]

Top 5 Ways Professional Associations Can Use Blogs

Professional Association

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are using blogs to educate, promote and communicate. These tools can be especially beneficial for professional associations where education and communication with members is critical. Following are the top five ways these organizations can use blogs to improve the value of services they provide to customers, vendors […]

3 Things Bloggers Can Learn from Roller Skaters


Since returning to roller skating as an adult three years ago, I’ve become a good skater. If you know anything about roller skating – not rollerblading – the thought of rolling on those eight wheels is scary. Skating is another discipline all in itself. To actually roller skate is a combination of skill and technique. […]

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