When Good Ideas Become a Whole Lotta WORK!


I know a lot of people doing amazing things and they are still relatively unknown. They are known in certain circles but not far beyond that. For example, I know a lot of people who aspire to be speakers. If I didn’t know them personally, I really wouldn’t know what they did. And writers are […]

My January Reading: One Click by Richard L. Brandt

One Click - Jeff Bezos - Amazon

As I embrace my full inner nerd, I decided to read about tech giants this year. Specifically, Apple’s Steve Jobs; the Google guys, Sergey Brin and Larry Page; Amazon’s Jeff Bezos; Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg; and any other HUGE site I follow. (Uh, where are my women in tech???) There are two reasons why I’m doing […]

Why Do Winners Win?

And The Winner Is

  I received this e-mail message this morning from Adam Urbanski this morning and just had to share. In reality, success is generated by one thing… RELENTLESSLY CONSISTENT ACTION! That’s it. That’s the “magic formula.” So here are three things winners do that makes this formula work: 1. Decide that you want to accomplish! Take […]

BIG Lessons from My Short Stint at Groupon

Big Smiles

Last year I worked a temp gig as a call center rep at Groupon for a month and it was one of the best lessons for me in 2013. Following are the BIG lessons I learned from my short stint at Groupon. 1. Watch What I Say Because the Universe will respond. I used to […]

Quick Wisdom: My Changing Views of Success


When I first started on my writing and entrepreneurial journey, my definition of success was millions of dollars in the bank. While that’s nice to have, my views of success have changed over the years. Old definition of success New definition of success Yes, completing my to-do list DAILY is the ultimate sign of success. […]

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