A Note to Authors Who Publish Crappy Books & to Aspiring Authors Who Criticize Them

Done is Better Than Perfect

My friend, an aspiring author, told me about a young lady who published – and sold – an un-formatted book that was full of grammar and punctuation errors. She said in disgust, “Girl, it was just bad!” As an anal, gifted writer with good editing skills, I think bad writing on any level is evil. […]

I’m Published on Forbes.com!

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Yes, you read correctly. FORBES PUBLISHED MY ARTICLE! Check out my article, How to Write Captivating Professional Bios, when you get a chance. Woo hoo! Now, this was the best birthday gift so far.     Image: www.card.com Related Posts:When Good Ideas Become a Whole Lotta WORK!

Read My Interview With Dr. Maya Angelou

My Interview with Dr. Maya Angelou

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How Do You Know When the First Draft of Your Book is Done?


This post is a follow up to 14 Tips for Completing the First Draft of Your Book that I wrote a few weeks ago. So, how do you know when your first draft is done? In my opinion, it is done when you have written everything you think you want to say. You’ll know when […]

Images: Get Your Voice Heard Through Blogging

Get Your Voice Heard - Marcie Hill

I want to thank this young lady (her name escapes me) for attending my “Get Your Voice Heard Seminar” at Altgeld Branch. It was a lively, educational discussion with an exchange of information. The young lady learned about blogging while I learned about the library’s Teacher in the Library program. Stay tuned for more details […]

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