Profitable Freelance Writing Conversations

Profitable Conversation

Conversation #1 I was talking to a gentleman who said that he wanted to write a book. I get that a lot when people finds out I’m a writer. They assume that I am the savior to their years of procrastination. He said that he hates typing, but can talk all day long. Then he […]

Six Valentine’s Day Posts Guaranteed to Help You Overcome Blogger’s Block

Valentine's Day

Are you stumped for what to blog about for Valentine’s Day? Following are six types of Valentine’s Day posts guaranteed to help you overcome blogger’s block. How-To Posts Write how-to posts for married couples, dating couples and people who want to be coupled. Following are samples of each post: Married couples: How to date your […]

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month


  In addition to reading, writing and blogging, history is another love of mine, particularly Black History. During this month I would like to encourage you to watch at least two Black History movies; read at least one  book with at least 100 pages; and attend at least two events. So, here are my recommendations […]

My January NaBloPoMo Challenge Ends Today

That's a Wrap - Mickey

That’s a wrap, folks! I have almost successfully posted every day this month. I have GREAT respect for anyone who has time and gumption to blog every day. And not getting paid. It was a challenge trying to produce and post decent content, let alone quality content, on a daily basis. I did write every […]

Update on My Sites

Shorty Woodson Library - Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource

It’s been a while since I last posted an update on ALL of my sites. I’ve made changes since the last post in 2013 and there will be more changes in 2014. Marcie Writes This is my site where I educate others through my writing, blogging, publishing and other experiences. In a previous post, I […]

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