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What the Hell?

I am writing this particular post because I know the person will never read this. My girl asked me to write a resume for her.  That was no problem even though I hate doing them; she’s my girl.  I told her to write down everything she’s done in all of her positions.  We had the […]

It’s An Honor…But I Can’t

I received several emails from people telling me about the blogging position with Alicia Keyes.  Honestly, that would have been a great opportunity if it weren’t full-time.  And, they are not considering contract opportunities.  Such is life. I am unable to help Alicia with her dreams at this time because I am working on mine.  […]

I Am So Excited!

Is this a happy face or what? I am so excited.  I think I have a marketing professional who will help me sell my live blogging service.  We connected yesterday and she seems to be open to help me.  I was honest by telling her I had no money right now, but I’m willing to […]

I need to start watching more …

I need to start watching more TV. What are the good shows these days? Print PDFRelated Posts:No Related Posts

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