Shorty Says: Things Needed

I have realized that putting things in the Universe and on social media and blogs yield great results.  Therefore, I am posting my need list more for spiritual purposes than anything. Heavy-duty shredder – I need a $100+ shredder for half the price Gym shoes – size 8 Dresses – size 4 Mac Book Pro […]

Tom Burrell wrote that message…

Tom Burrell wrote that messages of white superiority and black inferiority have been passed down through centuries. Would you agree? Print PDFRelated Posts:No Related Posts

My Graphic and Web Design Classes Started

I am really elated right now.  I started my graphic and web design classes.  I took HTML this week.  I’ll be taking Illustrator on next week.  I can’t wait to learn Flash.  I am going to have Shorty dancing across the screen. I would also like to repair old photos.  Not just for monetary purpose, […]

Do you think Americans are rea…

Do you think Americans are ready for an open discussion on racism in America especially after this health care reform Print PDFRelated Posts:No Related Posts

Racist Visions Shown by the Media

Ok, I’m about to pop. With all of the blatant and ignorant racial comments by people in power (and some not so), it’s bugging me that no one is actually talking about the root of the issue. We can sit around, point fingers, and place blame as long as we want, but until the cause […]

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