I Want to Teach an After School Matters Program

But I missed the deadline.  However, if there are opportunities still available, please let me know.  I didn’t realize that I had things to offer until about two weeks ago.  Here are my two proposed projects. 1. I can have the students to conduct research on African American history, transcribe their information to create booklets […]

Everyone has prejudices. Are y…

Everyone has prejudices. Are you willing to admit to yours? Print PDFRelated Posts:No Related Posts

Shorty Says: Anything Worth Having….

is worth crying for.  I f you don’t cray at some point, you’re not really feeling it will drain you mentally and emotionally but it’s worth it will pull out things in you that will show you what you’re made of requires total commitment even if it’s only a few hours a week will challenge […]

Shorty’s Breakthrough: I Am Cleaning

Yes, I am actually removing clutters of papers that I have allowed to overtake my personal space.  Do you realize how much stuff you keep because you think you’re going to need it at some point? I’m about to scan it and get rid of it. I am also cleaning emotionally.  During my 40 day […]

Shorty Says: Things Needed

I have realized that putting things in the Universe and on social media and blogs yield great results.  Therefore, I am posting my need list more for spiritual purposes than anything. Heavy-duty shredder – I need a $100+ shredder for half the price Gym shoes – size 8 Dresses – size 4 Mac Book Pro […]

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