Check Out My Powerful Women on the South Side Article

2014 Most Powerful Women on Pinterest

I wrote an article on Shorty, my community site, titled “15 Most Powerful Women on the South Side,” and it is my best piece of work this year. The article spotlights 15women who live on the South Side of Chicago that are doing great things. These ladies were selected for several reasons: They have either […]

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I’m the Amazing Woman of Today!

I was blessed with the opportunity to be the first Amazing Woman of Today at Amazing Women in History. So, technically, I am officially in the pages of history. Many thanks to site owner, KeriLynn Engel for thinking of me. This lets me know that my sites are making a difference and people do really […]

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Interview: KeriLynn Engel from Amazing Women in History

Amazing Women in History

I connected with KeriLynn, the creator of Amazing Women in History, on Twitter. I enjoyed the inspirational information she posted as well as the historical data she shared. I reached out to ask if she wanted to interview with me, and she said, “Yes.” I was so excited! Read our interview below. 1. What prompted […]

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My Adoration and Admiration for the Six Brown Chicks

Six Brown Chicks - 1 Year Anniversary

I had the pleasure of celebrating one year of Six Brown Chicks at The Shrine on Thursday, March 15, 2012.  I already knew four of the six chicks – Dr. Dawj, Shoya, Yanni and Zondra – and had the pleasure of connecting with Deanna, Gina B. As I wrote in a previous post, Zondra is […]

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Dutch Government Taxing Prostitutes

I just read a story on BBC News about the Dutch government is looking to tax prostitutes.Apparently, Amsterdam has built quite a reputation for having an interesting red-light district. These days, it’s not just about servicing clients; it has become a tourist attraction. Now, the government wants a piece of the action. There were a […]

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