How Much Would You Spend on a Pen?

Hi All,

I was cleaning out my drawer and found a Mont Blanc pen that was given to me as a gift. At that time it was given to me, the luxury pen was running for $100. Would I had bought it then? I was right out of college with no job. Probably not. Would I pay that much for a pen today? Most definitely.

As a writer, the tool I use to create is as important to me as my creation. I know some people are thinking, “$100 for a pen? That’s crazy!” As with anything, people spend money on things that are important to them. While a pen may not be important to most; to me, it is an investment in my craft. And you can best believe that you will only find MY fingerprints on that luxury investment!

What about you? How much would you spend on a pen?

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  1. I think it would depend on the pen and the purpose; though I do love my pens!

  2. I definitely don’t get above $10 for a pen purchase, but I keep junk pens with me so I never feel obligated to let anyone borrow my Pilot Precise V5. It’s an extra fine ball point with an ink tank you can see through and it brings a singular kind of joy!


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