Moving on Up Like the Jeffersons in Writing

When I tell people in Chicago that I’m submitting my Dr. Maya Angelou interview to publications, the first three that come to their minds are Ebony, Jet and The Chicago Defender. My response to all three suggestions is No, No and No.  I understand why these publications come to mind – they are still the most popular local black publications and many of the people I spoke with grew up reading them. I totally get it.

But I need them to understand that I don’t believe I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Dr. Maya Angelou to stay local. I think it’s time to move on up like The Jeffersons. This means I have to move beyond my comfort zone of writing locally to write nationally. Although I’m still carving my space in Chicago, it’s time to make my voice heard beyond these borders. And that is what I’m going to do.

Keep a watch for my good news report.


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