My Adoration and Admiration for the Six Brown Chicks

Six Brown Chicks - 1 Year Anniversary

Six Brown Chicks with George Daniel

I had the pleasure of celebrating one year of Six Brown Chicks at The Shrine on Thursday, March 15, 2012.  I already knew four of the six chicks – Dr. Dawj, Shoya, Yanni and Zondra – and had the pleasure of connecting with Deanna, Gina B.

As I wrote in a previous post, Zondra is one of my most favorite people. We met when I wrote my first cover story in my journalism career for N’Digo MagaPaper in 2008. She has made great progress in her career since our first encounter.  She published Living the Ebony Life: E-mails from the Plantation and is currently the Deputy Editor of rolling out magazine.

I met Dr. Dawj at Dwayne Hirsch’s Business Spotlight Networking event in 2010. She has the sweetest spirit ever. She was promoting Think Royally, her program for young ladies at that time. Since our meeting, she has really blown up and has just released her new book, Behold You 2: Embrace Change.

Shoya and I met at The Black Women’s Expo at McCormick Place in 2010. At the time, she was promoting her book, Good-Bye…Don’t Always Mean Gone. Fast forward two years later and she is promoting her stage play, Love’s Got a Hold on Me.

I remember Yanni from a vision board workshop given by Vision Catalyst Consulting about three years ago. She said that she wanted to do something with relationships. She didn’t know what at that time.  Check out her video in 2009.

And today you can read her story “How I Learned to Love Myself by Loving a Man Who Didn’t Love Me” on

As I stated earlier, I met Deanna and Gina B. that evening, but they are not without their accomplishments.

Deanna is the author of  two books: Voted Most Creative: Perspectives on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness, a collection of poems and essays that inspire creativity, growth, and self-expression and Single Girl Summer, her first novel about the resiliency of women

Additionally, Gina B. is an 11-year relationship columnist. Her works can be found in several Chicago publications, including the Chicago RedEye and Metromix.

One last thing. In addition to celebrating their anniversary on Thursday, they launched their first book, Brown Sugar: Thoughts on Life, Love and Losing Drama. They also have a TV Show on WCIU. Visit their site to learn more about them or to check out their blog, or to buy Brown Sugar now.


Brown Sugar - Six Brown Chicks
Brown Sugar – Six Brown Chicks

It’s great to see the progress of these ladies. Have you been keeping up with them? What’s your experience?


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