20 Challenges and Considerations When Training

My training team completed our first round of trainings. Woo hoo! During that time, I've noticed some challenges and considerations when training. I'm sharing these with you just in case you need this information. Trainers Pacing. If trainers … [Continue reading]

Determined and Done!

Happy Independence Day! I was determined to get this post done before the end of this week and I made it. I often say that when life happens, your blog is usually the first thing to go. Well, I'm trying my best to keep this one going. Here's a … [Continue reading]

Yes, You Really Can Get Money Back for Shopping Online!

My hair stylists and a co-worker told me that I could get paid to shop on Ebates. I didn't really think anything of it until I contemplated purchasing a few electronics. So, I made my purchases and here's my check. I did have the option of getting my … [Continue reading]

We Have Not Because We Ask Not

One morning I woke up thinking about asking a brand for something I need. At that time, it was merely a thought. I then reflected on two practices that gave me the courage to do so: The power of asking Rejection therapy Essentially, most … [Continue reading]


If you watch the news I'm sure you've seen the video of the white police officer going mad in McKinney, Texas, chasing unarmed black teenagers, pulling his gun and rough-handling a teenage girl at a pool party. Why I'm Livid While I have not seen … [Continue reading]

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