Assignment: Write Yourself a Letter

I received an email that included this "Trick by Marketing Legend John Carlton" and thought this was the most powerful activity ever. I wanted to share this with you so you can experience the full power of this message. The email read: John's … [Continue reading]

Read My Article “How to Save Money on Auto Repairs” on The Penny Hoarder

Read my article, 8 Simple Ways to Save Thousands of Dollars on Car Repairs, that was published on The Penny Hoarder during my December break. Be sure to leave a comment while you're there. … [Continue reading]

My Journey to 62 Blog Posts Book

Yesterday I approved the final proof copy of my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, and I am the happiest writer, author and blogger you know right now. I will be ordering my first set of books by the end of the week. It has been a … [Continue reading]

Read My Article About “The Black Knights” By J.Marcellus Burke

I had the honor of interviewing J. Marcellus Burke (~aka Uncle Marty), the 87-year-old author of The Black Knights, for the Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper. Yes, you read correctly. 87 years old! He started  his book five years ago. If … [Continue reading]

Must Listen to Podcast: Welfare Doesn’t Work – War on Welfare

My friend, Jackie Rogers, has an amazing podcast, Welfare Doesn't Work - War on Welfare, that everyone must listen to. The most memorable statement I remember from the first episode I listened to is “welfare as we never should have known … [Continue reading]

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