Happy Mother’s Day from Marcie

Happy Mother's Day to everyone serving as mother in someone's life.       Image: Graphics 18 … [Continue reading]

Get 50% Off Services from Visuals4U (New Customers Only)

If you are a business owner in need of marketing materials, websites,  fundraising campaigns, eCommerce solutions or social media promotion, you can get 50% off services from Visuals4U through the month of May. La'Shon Anthony, the genius behind … [Continue reading]

Can You Look Out for Me, Please?

As you know, I'm currently working a contract training gig. Translation: I have little time to work on my projects, but my dreams are still important to me. This brings me to my request. Can you look out for opportunities to sell my book, 62 Blog … [Continue reading]

5 Creative Ways to Squeeze Writing Into Your Busy Schedule

In these days of work, family, community and other commitments, time is a precious commodity. The reality is, you need to make time for writing if you are committed to your craft and projects. I personally encourage people to write for 30 … [Continue reading]

My Lessons & Blessings – April 2015

For six weeks, I was in a train-the-trainer training to learn how to teach a new software program for state employees. This is a great opportunity for several reasons: By this being a new software program, very few people have ever trained … [Continue reading]

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