Authors: Which Social Media Sites Work Best for You? [Discussion]

  I ask this question because I was advised to to create a Facebook page for my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block. It's pretty much a bulletin board for status updates; there is no interaction. I pretty much had to stalk people … [Continue reading]

10 Lessons from My Independent Book Publishing Experience

  This is a random post that just came to me, and may become one of my future workshops. Here are 10 lessons from my independent publishing experience. 1. Be sure to complete your book. Many people start writing their books, and do not … [Continue reading]

Overcoming Blogger’s Block Site is Up & Running

After two weeks of creating the site for my book, 62 Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block, I can honestly say that I am ready to present it to the world. Check it out and let me know what you think.   Please like our Facebook Page: Overcome … [Continue reading]

Write That Book Already! [Book Review]

Ok, I have to be honest. I have not read this entire book and do not plan to; I was intrigued by the title "Write that Book Already!: The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now." How could you not stop and at least read the cover of a book yelling … [Continue reading]

Chicago Black Authors Network’s Urban Arts Expo – October 6, 2012

[Continue reading]

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