Special Interview with Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman

It is a great pleasure to interview author and blogger, Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman. Her mission in life is to help women of all ages to go through their "women"  things, which is why she created her Authentic Woman website. However, she just … [Continue reading]

I Not Only Write Blog Content, I Develop Them, Too

I realized during recent conversations that people think of me only as a content creator when I tell them I’m a blogger. Allow me to dispel that perception right now. Yes, content is my thing, but I also install and develop Wordpress sites. There … [Continue reading]

National Letter Writing Week – January 9 – 15, 2012

This week is National Letter Writing Week. Take the time to write at least one handwritten letter this week, and report back the following: Who did you write it to? How did they react? How did you feel pulling out pen and paper to put thoughts to … [Continue reading]

Congratulations to Jennifer Brown Banks!

Remember I asked you to vote for Jennifer Brown Banks, the creator of Pen & Prosper, for Write to Done's 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest in November. Well, she placed within the top 20 finalists. She didn't make it to the top 10 in … [Continue reading]

Let’s Promote Our Books, Write Some Letters and Indulge in our Hobbies

You know I'm overly-scholastic, right? I found out that January is Book Blitz Month, Business & Reference Books Month, Letter Writing Month and Hobby Month. All of them are self-explanatory except Book Blitz. According to Boston University's … [Continue reading]

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