Wow! My Interviews & Guest Posts


Man, the last few days were UNBELIEVABLE. I felt like last Friday was my birthday. First,  I received word from Jessica Kupferman from Lady Business Radio notifying me that our interview was posted. That was a great start to the morning. Jessica is so cool and vibrant. We met on Twitter on our way to […]

Marcie’s Madness is Coming to an End

Marcie's Madness

January31st ends my attempt at posting for 31 days straight. I was participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for January. While I am still excited about my efforts, I have mixed reviews about my performance. The Good  I did write or draft a story every day. I make it a point to write every morning, even if […]

Me? On TV?

Me on TV

Several people have told me that they can see me on TV. Uh, thanks. While being on TV is not one of my main dreams in life, there are three opportunities I would LOVE to have. 1. It would be great to be a guest on Oprah’s TV show. 2. I would love, love, love […]

Confused About My Site Topics?


Wait! Don’t click away! Well,  not yet anyway. What’s the Confusion??? My site topics are all over the place because I am (un)successfully attempting BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for January. The purpose of NaBloPoMo is to post every day during the month. Today is the 14th and I’ve probably missed four days so far…sigh…I am confident that […]

Great News! I’m Presenting at New Media Expo in January 2014

New Media Expo

I am excited to share that I will be presenting at New Media Expo 2014 from January 4th to 6th in Las Vegas. While I’m still working on a great title, the session will highlight different ways to create blog content without writing…a lot. This is truly an honor and the first step onto the expert […]

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