Why Did You Start a Blog and Stop Within a Year?


I attended the Chicago WordPress Meetup table at the Chicago Creative Expo this pass weekend, and it was a very popular table. I’m not saying that because I was at the table, I’m saying it because it’s true.

There are so many people who are interested in blogging, who had just started blogging, and who had started blogging and then stopped. If you started a blog and stopped within a year, please tell me

1. Why did you stop blogging?

2. How long did you blog before you stopped?

3. Which blogging platform do you use (Blogger, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Typepad, Moveable Type, Drupal, other)?


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  1. I only blogged for a few months using Blogger. I didn’t have a central topic(s) and so I wasn’t confident in its direction. I also would have preferred WordPress but didn’t know how to get started.

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