Women History Month & Other March Observances

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March is Women’s History Month. Take the time to celebrate the women who have paved the way for the freedoms many women enjoy today. To learn more about unknown women’s contributions to our history, check out Amazing Women in History. You will find stories of women that have never been told.

March is also Craft and Humorist Month.

Procrastination Week begins on March 12th. Just because you can do this doesn’t mean you should.

Sunday, March 11th is Organize Your Office Day. We should all do this.

Thursday, March 22nd is Goof Off Day. Be sure to enjoy this day.

What are some other March writing and literary observances?


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  1. Thanks for mentioning AWH, Marcie! I’ve never heard about Procrastination Week before, but that’s actually more of a year-long celebration for me 😉 I’ll have to remember to celebrate Goof Off Day, too!

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