3 Reasons I’m Doing A Happy Dance

tumblr_mvemcyarmn1rslphyo1_400Happy Saturday! I was so excited about a few things that happened this week that I just had to share.

First, my 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block workbook was FINALLY finished and sent for publishing. I’m waiting to receive my first shipment of books now. That book should have been done at the end of May! But everything happens on God’s time, not mine.

Now that the book is complete, I can complete my crowdfunding campaign orders from 2013 (I wasn’t happy about having this project completed). And I can move forward in the next step of my project.

Second, I formatted my forthcoming book, 7 Practices of HIGHLY UNDERPAID Freelance Writers, for publishing. Even though it’s going to be an eBook, I wanted to see how it would look in print. Now I have to format it for eBooks.

Third, I purchased Microsoft Office Professional 2013 for $9.95!! And it came with two licenses. To purchase a basic version of Microsoft office is around $199.99 for once license.  I’m still riding this cloud of joy.

Man, I just had to share.


What exciting things happened with you this week that had you doing a happy dance?


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