Many Thanks to YWCA for Pretty LinkedIn

I want to thank Ms. Trinity Dishmon, YWCA and their partners, LinkedIn, Ulta Beauty, The University of Chicago and OtterBase for a wonderful experience at Pretty LinkedIn on Saturday.

In addition to getting feedback on how to create a more effective LinkedIn Profile (mine kinda sucks), we got makeup and head shots. And I must say, I felt pretty and they did a good job with my makeup and pics.

I was blessed to speak with Dr. Terri Friel who has a wide range of experience and is mentor at Chicago’s tech hub, 1871. She gave me an assignment and told me to contact her. She was just what I needed at this time.

My makeup was done by an Ulta Beauty artist and photos were taken by NaNa Ohene-Adu.

Just a quick story about my experience to get to the event.

My car wouldn’t start for me so I hopped on the bus. Saturday was one of the few days that it was 80 degrees with rain in Chicago. It took at over an hour to get there! After waiting for the 55th Street buses, I will never complain about 87th buses again!

Anyway, I was hoping to still be looking decent by the time I got there.

You know how women look another woman up and down faster than men? Well, some of the ladies were looking at my shoes because I had my cute outfit and my flats. Wait a minute. Here’s how it really went. They looked at the outfit, the shoes and then my face.

Luckily, they couldn’t see how I really felt about my experience trying to get there. And the grass and mud on my shoes had a story of their own.

Overall, it was a great day, and again, many thanks to YWCA.

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