Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Training Sessions


I am currently receiving training on how to teach other people how to use a new software program. I have a learned during my short time in this role and I’d like to share a few lessons on how to conduct successful training sessions.

Training Do’s

  1. Set expectations with your group in the beginning. This puts everyone on the same page.
  2. Ask for feedback at the end of the session. The will help the trainer improve their skills, as well as future sessions.
  3. Stand when presenting (if you can).
  4. Know that you are the subject matter expert (SME) so speak with confidence. No one knows what you don’t know except you.
  5. Have group and individual activities.
  6. Explain concepts and terms and ask questions throughout the session to ensure your trainees remember them.
  7. Be patient. Everyone learns differently.
  8. Use all presentation tools available to you – projector, white board, sticky notes.
  9. Gauge your audience members as you present your lesson. Someone may be lost but hasn’t spoken.
  10. Accept feedback graciously and use it to grow. Most people are committed to your success.

Training Don’ts

  1. Go over your audience’s head. Once you lose them, it’ll be hard to get them back.
  2. Have a lot of words on slides. Use relevant visuals.
  3. Read from slides. They are only there as a guide; not a crutch.
  4. Make entire documents from presentations. That’s an immediate snore.
  5. Quickly judge the presenter. Most people start off a little nervous and grow more confident throughout the presentation.

Those are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned thus far. I’ll be sharing more as I gain them.

How About You?

What are some lessons you’ve learned – good and bad – in training sessions, either as a facilitator or a student?



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